Peak Results Nutrition

The client has a thriving in-person health and nutrition coaching business and wanted to begin adding online services. The goal was to build her existing list with a 7-day free challenge and lay the groundwork for paid online group coaching.

I built a landing page to capture challenge participant emails, planned and implemented the content delivery workflow and automation.

Client: LeeAnn Cruz, CNP - Health & Nutrition Coach

Location: Ontario, Canada

Launch Date: January 15, 2018

Duration: 5 weeks


Services: project planning and management, landing page, email automation and drip content, graphic design, consulting

Tech: ThriveHive, WordPress, MailChimp, Adobe CC, Visual Studio Code, html/css/javascript/php

What the client says: I absolutely LOVED that Susannah is so organized and on top of everything. It was great that not only did she get my program ready to launch, but she even went a step further joining the group challenge and started the conversation going in the group. I thought that was amazing.