Susannah Codes - Websites and Copy

Are we a match?

We are if you're a helper!

Coaches, educators, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations...

You are the helpers in our community.

My mission is to help the helpers.

Recent Work


Website Design/Development

Front End & WordPress | E-commerce | Course & membership websites | Nonprofit websites

Integrated Marketing Strategy

Content strategy & development | Marketing strategy development & execution | Analytics & data insights | Media planning | Copywriting & Content Creation | Search engine optimization

Nonprofit Organization Coaching

Websites | Storytelling & content marketing | Landing pages & nurture sequence | Donor relations | Foundation relations | Grant proposals and reports

My clients are individuals and organizations with vision, integrity, and know-how. Once I find you, I work to inspire others to believe in you as much as I do.

There is no project too small when it comes to your business. Whether you want a new website or a refresh, a strategic email campaign or a simple email sequence, I'm here for you.

A former marketing communications professional from the nonprofit sector, I didn't always speak geek. Now that I do, I am committed to using my skills and experience to help the helpers.

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